About us

Who we are

With over 50 years working operationally in agricultural and horticultural companies, we’ve learned a thing or two about the challenges within these industries. Now we’re using our experience to benefit others.

By working in partnership with industry employers across the UK, we create bespoke, accredited training programmes that equip staff with business-boosting skills and experience. We see things from a commercial point of view, unlike many generic providers. Which means that whether you’re looking for short mandatory training courses or longer-term apprenticeship delivery, you can be sure we’ll design a programme that adds real value.

Learners are of course welcome to come to us directly for industry skills training too. Search our courses or get in touch for more information.

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What we believe in

Employee training, whether mandatory or not, should never be a tick-in-the-box exercise. Every element of every programme should be carefully thought out and highly relevant to each learner. With that approach, no time is lost, employees are engaged, and everybody gets the most out of it.

Working with us

At Evergreen Training our business is built on long-term relationships. We get under the skin of the businesses we partner with to really learn what makes them tick. We know that we can offer the highest quality training only when we’re able to tailor it exactly to their needs. From an online food hygiene course to a level 7 apprenticeship, you’ll find the same amount of consideration goes into everything we do. You’ll also receive the same full levels of support from our team. What’s more, we’ll deliver your bespoke training package through a branded online hub created specifically for you.

Engaging, professional training

Whether it’s apprenticeships, face to face training or online courses, we want you to have access to training specific to your industry and needs. We focus on the agricultural, horticultural and general manufacturing environments using our years of direct operational experience and subject matter experts. If the course you’re looking for isn’t currently available or exactly what’s needed, just speak to us and we’ll work closely with you to create one that is. 

Management and reporting

Keep track of your employee training completion and requirements through your own personalised company training portal. Access comprehensive management tools and reports and if you need a bespoke report creating, we’ll do it for you.

Competitive pricing

Delivering company training is necessary, be it investing in employees, creating a safe and productive workplace or to satisfy mandatory needs, such as customer audits. We know that costs can accumulate quickly with high volume requirements and so speak to us. We can help you deliver your training within budget.

Multilingual learning

Many online courses and learning systems in the UK focus purely on users whose first language is English. If a translation is provided, it’s automated, not 100% accurate and feels like a bolt on offering. All of our online courses are available to complete in several languages, translated by human native linguists and not a machine. Your international learners now have online courses designed specifically for them.

Service and support

We are dedicated to giving learners a high quality, content relevant and engaging professional training experience every time. We also take great pride in providing unlimited support for any training queries, be it technical or content or programme design. Contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Let's talk

If you’d like to know more about partnering with us to deliver your mandatory training or design your apprenticeship programme, please get in touch.