Lesbian Visibility Week 2021 – celebrating equality, diversity and inclusion

This week marks Lesbian Visibility Week. It recognises, celebrates and supports lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer women across the UK and beyond to be their true selves at work, at home and socially. Recent research (Pride Matters survey, conducted by Pride In London 2018) has shown that gay women are almost twice as unlikely to be out in the workplace as gay male colleagues. Lesbian Visibility Week is the only national campaign and event targeted at LBTQ women. It’s also attracting increasing global participation.

Every 26 April since 2008, Lesbian Visibility Day has been celebrated. As a result of its success and following, it extended to a week of celebrations and events in 2020. The week has attracted an increasing number of corporate sponsors, recognising the importance of supporting their diverse workforce. They include Tesco, Proctor & Gamble, Citi Bank, TSB, Facebook and Deliveroo.

The events during the week (Monday 26 April to Sunday 2 May 2021) are free. They’ll be live streamed through Facebook and YouTube in most cases. The sessions are also available to watch after the live stream on their YouTube and Facebook channels. To find out more about the events taking place and the week in general, visit Lesbian Visibility Week.

The extensive list of corporate sponsors involved in this week reinforces the fact that promoting and achieving equality, diversity and inclusion at work is a key responsibility and commitment for all employers. Providing employee training to increase their awareness and responsibility to colleagues is a fundamental part of that.

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